The users are manytimes unaware of the use of the HDR settings that they have on the phone. It is a concept that the photos look much better if the HDR setting is used. The pictures are sometimes blurred but the reason is not known. The high dynamic range photography is what is called as HDR. It of course gives the picture a better clarity but it also depends upon how you use it. The dynamic range means that the change in the ratio of light to dark. It is possible in HDR photo examples to take about three photos and in different exposures. There is an image editing software that is used to combine all the photos and then highlight the best parts of the picture. But if you have a smart phone the work is automatically done by the technology within it.

When should it be used?

  • The use of hdr is required for special photography like landscapes. Here usually we can see a huge contrast between sky and land that can be dealt with through HDR. It is difficult for a camera to do this but the HDR technology will capture the detail of the sky and the land will also remain the same and vice versa.
  • The use of hdr photo examples is beneficial in the lighting aspect of a photo. The effect of too much lighting on the face may cause unflattering characteristics like dark shadows and bright glare. The HDR can even out all this and make the image look much better.
  • The photos at times look very dull due to the effect of more darkness. This may be due to too much backlight. The HDR photos can be made look better by brightening up the foreground.

How is HDR image created?

  • You should have a camera with auto exposure bracketing feature. If you do not have it then you have to the settings manually that will take a lot of time.
  • The camera must have a tripod which is a type of stabiliser. This will give definitely better results. The HDR software programs are equipped with the alignment features of the image.
  • The Photomatix is the best option that is used in HDR photography. It has all the features plus it is fast and powerful.
  • There are other features and programs used in HDR photography that is very capable and flexible. This will give you a more realistic look. You can get more information from