Conversion of PSD to HTML5 has become quite a trend in the online world. While many people are aware of its benefits many are doing it just because of the increasing trend. Well, it is very necessary to the know the actual reason behind doing something instead of simply following the trend. Go through the points listed below and you will never wonder why you should switch to HTML5 from PSD.

  • Responsive Design of Website: PSD is not responsive, that is, if it is designed to work on a computer then it will not load properly on your mobile phone and vice versa. Conversion of PSD to HTML5 will allow you to have a website that will load and run properly on internet enabled devices with different screen sizes.
  • Improved Accessibility: HTML5 has a lot of elements that makes the life a web designer very easy. Just by looking at these elements, a designer can guess about the structure of the web page. This would save a lot of time of the designer which he or she can use for designing other features for the website.
  • Decrease Use of Plugins and Scripts: JavaScript and plugins used in the designing often increase the loading time of the website which is obviously not desirable. Convert your website design from PSD 2 HTML5 as this will help the developer to remove JavaScript and plugins from your website, thereby decreasing the loading time.
  • SEO Optimization: SEO optimization is very necessary to bring heavy traffic to your website and also increase the search engine ranking of your website. When your website is converted from PSD design to HTML 5, you will automatically get an SEO optimised website and hence you will not have to spend extra money for this feature.
  • Cross Browser Compatibility: This is another important feature that comes with PSD to HTML5 conversion. Your website will run smoothly on different web browsers like Google Chrome, Opera etc. which is often not possible with a PSD design of a website. In fact, PSD design often fail to load on several browsers.