Have you ever thought about becoming an expert in film editing? Now you have a great opportunity to try it and create your own masterpiece. Using quality software is one of the keys to making quality videos especially if you are a serious Youtuber.

Movavi Video Editor is an effective program to make original video clips easily. Its intuitive interface and a set of all the necessary instruments make it an irreplaceable program for any user without dependence on their experience.

First, you must add a video (or several videos) to the timeline and then you can start working on your project. The video editor provides all the tools for fast and complete editing – now you can create videos and slideshows of any length and complexity.

Process the video and apply any type of desired change with the help of the cropping, turning and zoom instruments. You can even split the video into several parts and delete an unnecessary fragment.

Filters and transitions

Add a little spirit to your future masterpiece using a variety of filters. You can also join the fragments with smooth transitions – you can add them simultaneously to all the clips with a single click. Do not forget to take a look at the collection of video samples so that your video looks like a professional work.

Audio track

Delete all the sound completely or change it for something different – add background music and sounds. You can not only add your own media files, but also choose some in the preset collection. Or even capture your voice using the microphone or the sound of any musical instrument connected to the computer.


With Movavi you can insert all the necessary titles, choose the style and position of the text – basic and artistic titles will work well for all types of video and will give the final touch to your creation. Modifying titles is one method to attract your viewer targets.

Useful tools

– Chroma key

At first, this option only allowed erasing the green background, but now you can choose any color of the image or video and make it transparent.

– Image in image

Overlay several videos so everyone is on the screen at the same time.

– Slow motion

Modify the speed of the video. With Movavi you can get the best way to set the speed of your video. Of course this is the essence of how to make slow motion video. In principle, you must ensure the video speed is at the right level; not too slow and not too fast.

– Video stabilization

This tool will eliminate the movement of the camera, thus improving the quality of the video.

– Magic Enhance

Automatic improvement of image quality. You can select several options for your video image quality.

Using professional software is a key requirement if you want to produce quality videos. Sometimes amateurs find it difficult to allocate more funds to buy quality software.