When you are accustomed to making Pivot Tables out of your data, you might be searching for additional control of the information you display. You might only want to consider the information for just one specific sales rep, or product. You can easily filter your Pivot Table.

NOTE: I’m while using 2010 form of Excel with this article. Other versions may look quite different. The raw data I’m speaking about includes fields for: sales rep, product, date, month, year, and purchasers.

I’ve produced a Pivot Table with sales rep within the row labels, product within the column labels and purchasers within the values area. To filter the salespeople or product:

1. Above your listing of salespeople you will notice ‘Row Labels,’ or the your field having a drop-lower arrow right from it. (The language the thing is rely on the report layout you use. This is often adjusted by visiting Pivot Table Tools Design tab, Layout group, Report Layout command.)

2. Click the drop-lower arrow to determine Excel’s typical filter box. Came from here you are able to filter on a number of label or value options. Exactly the same filter box can be obtained for that ‘Column Labels.’

This can be ideal for the information you are attempting to extract, what if you wish to filter with a field that is not presently getting used for that Pivot Table, such as the year? In the game List pane (around the right of the screen in case your Pivot Table is active) you will notice a place known as ‘Report Filter.’

You are able to drag all of your field headings into el born area to include an area that you could filter by. Should you drag the entire year field here then apply in the cells above your table, you will notice ‘Year, (All) along with a drop-lower arrow.’ Should you click this arrow it’ll list all of the years incorporated inside your data. You may choose twelve months, or visit the bottom from the list and select ‘Select Multiple Products.’ If you might also need ‘month’ among your fields, that as well can be included to the Report Filter box within the Pivot Table Field List. Another filter can look above your table and you may pick the several weeks you need to see data for. An order from the filters within the ‘Report Filter’ from the Field List pane may be the order these can appear over the table.

A great feature for filtering, but there is a typical complaint from users in versions of Excel before 2010. Should you printed the Pivot Table or shared it with somebody that wasn’t confident with it, they did not always understand what the information have been filtered by. Should you consider the filters over the table you will notice a thing in brackets right from the field name: All, Multiple, or perhaps a specific year or any other value. Multiple may be the problem, because everything means is several value was selected to filter by (multiple salespeople for instance). If you wish to know which specific values were selected you must see the drop-lower and take a look. Not everybody was comfortable carrying this out.

Microsoft took in for this complaint and introduced Slicers within the 2010 form of Excel. Slicers could be placed to the pivot table sheet and are made to display exactly what the Pivot Table continues to be filtered by. They may also be used to alter filters instead of visiting the drop-lower arrows.

To insert a slicer:

1. Make certain your Pivot Table is active

2. Click the Pivot Table Tools Options tab

3. Click the top 1 / 2 of the Insert Slicer command within the Sort & Filter group

4. Pick the field or fields you need to possess a slicer for

Slicers are objects, so that you can move them by dragging their edges, or delete them by selecting and pressing the delete key in your keyboard. Whenever a slicer is active you’re going to get a brand new ribbon of Slicer Tools where you can change how they look.

For those who have placed a slicer, you will notice a summary of all of the values which exist for the reason that field. Click among the values and also the Pivot Table is going to be filtered with that value. If you wish to choose multiple values, hold your Ctrl key lower whenever you click together with your mouse. Even when someone is not accustomed to Pivot Tables they are able to easily make use of the Slicers to filter the table.

Case yet another fabulous feature that exists in the world of Excel Pivot Tables. Have some raw data and find out what you could create. I promise that you simply will not be disappointed.

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