League of Legend is no less than a real fight mission that soldiers take in battlefield. If you miss the excitement and thrill to be in the field out there, you can play this game and see how critical the situation can turn out sometimes. There are few leaders and many fighters or say support players in LOL world.

Everyone wants to be a Champion; however, the role of a support player is no less important. You should be ready to take both the opportunities as the time and situation demands. Here are a few tips that can help you survive and grow if you opt for a support role in your next LOL game-

Learn To Use Itemization inan Effective Way

For a support player, itemization is like a lifeline. It’s your responsibility to understand all the options that you have got. The sooner you understand things, the better it is for you. So, don’t shy out in exploring your options at an early stage to carry out your mission in a comfortable manner.

Pick Pink Wards over Others

You are free to select your options, but if you apply a bit thought process, you can come to know that pink wards are more useful than others. It doesn’t mean that you cannot select other wards but that you can be in a better position if you select pink ones and use them in the right place. Four ways to use pink wards comprise of – river bush, the mouth of Dragon/Baron pit, TP gank and matchup specific.

Mini-Map Is Important

Don’t overlook the mini map thinking it’s of less importance. When you look at the game as a mission, you will come to know that everything no matter how big or how little can make a substantial impact. When your ADC eye on getting a tower or a kill, it’s your responsibility as a support player to handle everything else. A close eye on the mini map can help you doing so.

These are some of the very important tips that can completely transform your performance as a support player. Side by side you can keep updating yourself with the current trends in the LOL universe by following the League of Legends pro blog and news on social media channels and prepare yourself for the big day.