The very first electric bike was on Indian streets with this middle of the decade. In under ten years, India has greater than 100 e-bike companies according to ARAI stats.E-bike component producers began changing now-a-days maintaining your potential customers. Association of Medium and small electric vehicle producers began.

Regardless of the market achieve and recognition, still Electric vehicle clients are in nascent stage. Why?

•Insensitivity from the OEMs to local component producers.

Nowadays you will find large amount of local gamers invested to fabricate various electric bike components to aid EV companies in India. For example, Mumbai based Crompton Greaves ltd, Coimbatore based Edison semiconductors pvt ltd, Gujarat based Rotomag India are creating e-bike hub motors and remotes. Exide, Luminous began delivering deep discharge batteries. Regardless of this development, Indian EV makers continue to be intrigued about posting and selling in India.

•Lack of a good government standards and rules for electric bikes.

Government needs to amend the factors for that electric bikes to draw in the mark customer. Presently the unlicensed category bikes have under 250W energy that is practically not capable of conquering the Indian road problems. If this sounds like the situation, just how can a person get excited to purchase this bike? So, our government needs to re-think, amend, and implement new standards and credits to advertise fraxel treatments as CHINA did.

•Poor post sales service from OEMs.

This really is another essential point that is switching off the client. As the majority of the businesses are posting in CKD (Completely knocked lower) kits as well as unwilling to purchase from local companies, post sales services are worsening nowadays. Atleast 60% from the clients are unhappy using the service attitude which needs to go lower. To do this, OEMs needs to transform their attitude to customer centric and strive to offer the good will.

•Lack of investment on advertising and marketing.

Presently most of the EV information mill shattered because of various reasons. Hence nobody is motivated to purchase marketing activities. But because EV is totally new to Indian clients, it requires some creative marketing and advertising practices to motivate these to buy and employ.

•End customer Illiterate to Electric automobiles

Almost 90% from the prospective clients are illiterate to electric automobiles. Nobody knows the technical aspects and proper usage. Hence you will find some electric vehicle information sites who’re discussing the merchandise information, educating technical aspects, looking at EV items, discussion forums for finish customer and able to answer their queries.

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