Apple isn’t likely to release the next-generation of iPhones until the end of 2016, so there are many months of development lying ahead. In the present times, the flagship iPhone of Apple are the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus, released in September 2015. Rumors of the iPhone 7 have already been trickling since the beginning of 2016 and we have gathered many details about the upcoming iPhone, which gives us ample information as to what can be expected from the latest update of the iPhone series. Hence if you are looking forward to buy iPhone, then do not miss to explore more about it in detail.


All the leaks till date show that the new iPhone will almost be similar in looks to the current version of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. This also includes the iPhone 7 Plus, which is also expected to be similar in looks to the ones preceding it. It is common for Apple to alter the design of the phone every year but this time it seems that the big change in looks is being held down by the company till 2017, when the iPhone 7s will mark a decade since the very first model went on sale for general public. Although there seems to be nothing wrong with the current looks and aesthetics of iPhone, but we all know that more often than not, changing looks and appearance turns out to be in favor of the company and its sales.

There is a high demand for Apple to bring out a brave and bold design of the iPhone 7,however, speculations state that subdued and subtleness will be the actual change we will be getting – at least for one more year.


The similarities continue here as well sinceiPhone has chosen to stick with the 4.7-inch display, however, the 7 Plus version is likely to be of 5.5 inch – exactly similar to the set of iPhones preceding it in the past two years. It is also expected that the resolution might get kicked up a notch, but the only reason behind this would be for helping with VR, which calls for a far more count of pixels than a regular phone.Considering the fact that Apple has chosen to stay quiet about VR, there haven’t been leaks regarding the iVR project.


Apple is likely to update its present A9 processor to the one called A10, which boasts about speed enhancements over the previous ones. Also, one of the highly speculated facts istheabsence of any headphone jacks.


The device is sure to have a camera upgrade, but its availability on both the phones is still in consideration. It might also have a dual rear camera, which improves perception and image quality. Also, Apple is likely to scrap out 16GB and start with 32GB models.


The most hyped rumor is the iPhone’s preference to offering a new color, Space Black. It might replace the Space Grey, or there can even be a Deep Blue option, which will entirely revolutionize the world of iPhones.

How many of these rumors will actually come true, you’ll have to wait until the year’s end for finding out! Till then check out tatacliq deals and gear up to buy iPhone as soon as the latest one arrives.