Software trading platform is a computer software used for placing orders for financial products (stocks, currencies, bonds, commodities and derivatives over a network with financial intermediaries (brokers, dealers, market makers, etc.). These platforms provide a possibility for electronic trading to be realized from any location (as opposed to traditional floor trading). Today, trading platforms are broadly used due to their following benefits:

  • Great saving of working hours
  • Saving of expenses on purchase arrangements
  • Transparency and openness of purchase process
  • Participation in a tendering from any location
  • Availability for any business representative

Some traders and trading firms prefer to use off-the-shelf well-known trading software, while the others tend to use custom trading solutions developed accordingly to some specific needs. There are a lot of IT service providers on the market specializing in trading software development and customization. In search for a software development company, it is important to pay attention on reputation, customers’ confidence, profound experience confirmed by effectively realized software projects across the financial industry.